‘Through paint I like to explore the play of light on objects. Arrangements of flowers, fruit and every day objects from my domestic environment are placed with a strong source of light falling across them. The physical qualities of these objects, whether glass, ceramics, fabric or native flora, provide opportunity to explore the way light interacts as it reflects, refracts, distorts or penetrates surfaces.

Currently living on acreage in Maleny, I am surrounded by the seasonal abundance of native fruits and flowers of the Blackall range, as well as produce from local growers, a great source of subject matter. Much of this native flora have strong sculptural attributes that lend themselves beautifully to the sculpting qualities of oil paint as do parsnips pulled fresh from the red earth or lumpy citrus. I enjoy working with the fluidity of oil paint, which provides luminosity and sculptural qualities. My inspiration is drawn from the objects themselves and their relationships with each other as well as the qualities of light and shade offered by their placement relative to a light source.’